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Save 5% on Craft Beer!

BrewBoard has now released over 30 different beers across an expansive range of styles. We are known for our craft beer diversity: for hop forward pale ales & IPA’s, our Kveik based NEIPA’s, our Dry Hopped Lager and vibrant stouts. Our beers are frequently described as bold, intuitive, balanced and eminently drinkable, regardless of style or strength.

The brewery has its own taproom in Harston, South Cambridgeshire with ‘BrewBoard Comrades’ coming from far and wide not only for the craft beer, but the street food vans and live music. The taproom showcases an ever-changing selection of core beers and specials on tap, along with a full range of cans available to take away.

The taproom is open every Friday from 5–11pm and Saturdays from 2–7pm. Brewery tours can be booked on the Helm website or arranged privately for larger groups.

BrewBoard has its own Online Store at www.brewboard.co.uk/shop/ selling BrewBoard beer and BrewBoard merchandise.

Use code ‘FORCES5‘ at the checkout.