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Serve and Protect Credit Union

Regular Saver Account

We make saving simple

At Serve and Protect , we want to help our members save easily with our Regular Saver account. Whether you save as little as £10 every month or would like to make larger deposits, our savings accounts are designed for simplicity, and our online application process is easy to follow. You can have deposits taken straight from your salary so you don’t even notice they’re going out.

Why choose our Regular Saver account?

Easy Access

Whenever you want to make a withdrawal, you simply need to log in and start the process.


If things are a little tighter one month, you can make a smaller deposit, or increase your amount if you’re in a position to.

Free life cover

The first £25,000 of your savings is matched by Serve and Protect , so your family will be covered should the worst happen.

Annual dividend

At the end of each year, you can receive a lump sum payment into your account to help your savings grow.