Travelex Money Card

Terms & Conditions

* Please be advised that although Travelex do not charge ATM fees, some operators may charge their own fee or set their own limits.  Check the ATM before using.

Travelex Money Card

The safer way to spend abroad with Travelex Money Card packed with benefits

With the Travelex Money Card ther eis no need to carry around alot of cash.  You can load up to 10 currencies and benefit from contactless payment functionality.  You can also download the Travelex Monwy app which allows you to check your balance on the go, or reload more, different currency in seconds.

Some of the other benefits are the 24/7 Global Assistance.  That means you don't have to worry about losing your card or the card being stolen.  Travelex will quickly and securely provide you with emergency cash.   

With no ATM charges overseas. you can withdraw cash whenever you need it at no extra cost*

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